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Discover how easy it is to create efficient and informative diagrams with FlowNChart. Charts and graphs provide a great way to visually and easily present data in an understandable way.



Thanks to the powerful Diagram Designer, you can quickly and easily create diagrams of all kinds

Themes &


By combining colors and fonts, each theme gives your chart a consistent and professional look.



The toolbox organizes shapes into categories. The integrated search field quickly finds the desired shapes.



FlowNChart provides tools for quickly drawing specific diagrams. Predefined drawing algorithms ensure perfect layouts.


Diagrams are graphical representations of information and data. They are useful for capturing ideas, drawing plans, capturing facts, improving productivity and communication, and learning. FlowNChart offers a wide variety of chart types for each application, including flow charts, pie charts, mind maps, layered charts, tree charts, tip-over tree charts, software charts, or organization charts.

Diagrams Shapes

FlowChart comes with many chart shapes, which are broken down into different categories, so you can quickly find and easily apply shapes you want.

Basic Shapes

FlowChart Shapes

SDL Shapes

Arrow Shapes

Software Icon Shapes

Decorative Shapes


Just connect two shapes or any two points directly on canvas. A connector can be represented as a straight line, a curve or at right angles. In addition, connectors can display arrows at the beginning and end of the connector, as well as text descriptions.

Straight Connectors

Curved Connectors

Right-Angle Connectors

Automatic Routing

Different Arrow Types

Diagram Tools

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

  • At least 1 x CPU

  • At least 1 GB RAM

  • At least 5 GB free hard disk

  • .Net Framework (at least from version 4.6.1)

Top Features

FlowNChart includes many useful and helpful features that greatly speed up the creation of diagrams, making it much easier to work with the software.

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